Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tassia in the UK - glittery gold

Okay, so I wrote most of this blog-post before the Ukraine MH17 plane disaster (presumably shot down). 298 innocent people died in this tragedy of whom 193 Dutch men, women and kids.. some of them babies. This happened last Thursday and even though I personally don't know anyone who has perished, I was shocked and dazed. One tenth of one percent of one percent of the Dutch population was killed.. and this is the same order of magnitude as the number of Americans who died during the 9/11 attacks. Thus, I take my moment of silence...

Life, however,..  does go on. And what better way to cherish the fact that in the Netherlands.. we do live in a "war and conflict"-free zone. And compared to places such as Ukraine and Russia, I have the freedom to express myself without repercussions from the state. Thus, onwards with the dressing!

As you might recall,.. in May, I went on a two-week trip to the UK and me being me.. I combined chilling and relaxing with shopping and dressing up! Among the places I visited after I left Essex... were Bath, Bristol and Southampton. I also visited the smaller cities and towns and the Isle of Wight, but I'm not going to bore you all with every single detail of the holiday. :P

In Southampton, I did a bit a shopping with a girlfriend of a friend (which lends itself for another post). I actually didn't need anything, but you know how these things go.. you see something you like and you're sold! Two of the things I got were 1) a cute pair of black peep-toe pumps from New Look and 2) a gold glittery dress from a fashion-for-5-pounds store.

Sure, it might sound cheap.. but that's only because it is! :P

One of the advantages of having a shopping partner who knows the malls and stores is that you can say something vague like "I need cute heels".. and she will know where to go.. and you will succeed! And if you ask for a "cheap dress".. she will know the perfect store. There were so many cool cute dresses.. I wanted to buy more, but in a rare moment I showed some self-restraint. :-P

About this posing thing, I'll admit to gratuitous over-top-posing, but sometimes you've got to take a step back.. and have a little fun. :)

Of course, that day, I was very happy and thankful for my shopping partner who accompanied me in a dress and proper high heels. And from what I could tell, she was also having fun while shopping with me (more on that in a later post). So, I could not write a blog-post in a good conscience without at least showing the two of us acting silly in front of the camera. I did blur her face to protect the innocent, but trust me, she's a beautiful girl who looked gorgeous in her blue dress and heels! :)

Working on new videos.. just need to find those preciously few moments where I can sit and relax behind my computer with a cup of coffee to do some proper editing. In the meantime, enjoy the two most recent ones! :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

A day on the campus

Okay, taking a temporary break from the Orange madness. That is.. until tomorrow night the Dutch beat Costa Rica... am hoping for the best, of course! :P

I've been wearing blue and orange, so I thought it was time to go for the simple LBD and black high heels outfit again. For me, it's a safe outfit choice and seeing as I was visiting the campus of the Erasmus University.. known for its business environment, I didn't even stand out too much!

People who know me.. know that I'm an academic person. And as such.. I do walk around this campus and other campuses a lot of the time. Most of the time though, it's in a jeans and shirt. Fortunately, this sunny day was a great day for wearing dresses and high heels!

The dress is by C&A Yessica, the jacket is by C&A Clockhouse and I ordered the heels online from This whole outfit probably cost me around 50 euro... I'm just a sucker for sales. Which is probably a nice way of saying that I'm cheap. :-P

By the way, this is why I'm glad digital cameras exist and you actually get to immediately look the result. There was quite a bit of wind.. and with my hair.. that regularly means there's hair in my face. And this is not a very charming picture! So I'm glad I got to re-take this shot. :)

When I was walking away, my photographer took a snap of my legs and heels. I quite like the shot, so I thought I'd include it in this post for those of you who.. (like me) .. enjoy legs and heels. :)

My photographer was so nice to shoot so video footage, so I was able to edit a new little video! Enjoy the clicking of the heels!

Monday, June 30, 2014

World Cup Madness part 1 - Football in the sun

Well, I guess by now.. it should be a) totally obvious that they're having this little football thing going on in Brasil called the World Cup and b) even more obvious that I'm a total football nut! I will watch the matches in the Dutch League, the important ones of the English, German and Spanish leagues and of course the clashes between the European clubs in the Champions League. However, what really gets me excited and causes my heart to skip a beat are the UEFA European Championships and the FIFA World Cup!

Sure, I will watch the Olympics and I even enjoy watching the Super Bowl, but nothing gets me Orange crazy like watching and supporting the Dutch national team, the Orange Lions! The great thing about the colour orange is that it is very distinctive and bright and happy, so I do love dresses, shirts, hats, sunglasses and what else they come up with. During the last few tournaments, several beer brands and fashion designers have brought out cute little orange dresses, either for a six-pack of beer or for next to no money. And you all know me... I love me some cheap dresses! :P

This is the 2014 dress designed by SuperTrash and I thought it would be nice to model it in the sun. While driving around, we also found a petrol station that sold orange footballs. How awesome is that?!

The number 14 stands for the fact that the World Cup is this year.. in 2014, but the number 14 is also the number of our most famous player ever.. Johan Cruyff (Cruijff if you're Dutch). Incidentally, he has yet to become the manager of our national team, but at this moment nobody cares because Louis van Gaal is doing a bang-up job!

Anyway, as far as this World Cup is concerned.. it has been amazing! It started with the epic win over Spain.. and it hasn't stopped yet!

Let's hope this will continue for 3 more matches! :P

I will try to make a video of me trying to stuff with a ball while wearing heels, but my skills are a bit rusty, so give me some time. :) In the meantime, here is the link of the last one in Belgium, in case you missed it twice! :-P

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tassia in the UK - tourists (and models) in Harwich

Last month I visited the UK and met up with Kay, Helen and Janet, which now seems like ages ago.. can't wait cross the North Sea again! Before Kay and I met up with the rest.. we first enjoyed the sunny day being all touristy in picturesque Harwich.

So first things first,.. getting ready and so did Kay (who stayed in the same hotel). Me being the usual slow morning person, Kay was quicker than I was in getting ready, so while I was finishing up, she was patiently waiting. She took a quick snap in the hotel room before we went out.

We stayed at the Premier Inn,.. nothing too fancy, but nice and clean.. and the staff is friendly. If the weather is nice, I would definitely recommend getting a hotel for one night instead of heading to your actual destination.

First order of business was to park the car and of course, 2 seconds out of the car and we had to take pics right there. While we were messing with the self-timer, a receptionist from the hotel/bar across the street noticed us, came over and offered to take some pics. Such chivalry! :)

As you can see, Harwich is an industrial harbour city.. not just allowing for European tourists to enter the UK, but also for actual proper cargo transport. It's not that big.. but it's pretty (apart from all the UKIP posters that is.. )
Like I said, a beautiful sunny day, but seeing as we were near the sea.. the wind was blowing quite hard. This sometimes resulted in a shot like on the left.. and usually I just ended up trying to untangle my hair! :P

Now the following shot might seem like shameless posing.. and that's because it is! :P Seriously though, the day before.. the weather was so crappy and dreary with low temperatures and drizzle. So, just standing in the sun, letting it in soak in.. and enjoying the breeze.. it was a moment of bliss!

Most of the morning, Kay and I would just spend walking around and chatting. And of course, it was not just Kay taking pics of me.. we both behaved like models in the countryside.. and I took plenty of pics of Kay. Have a look at her pictures pages at Flickr or Ipernity. :)

In summary, what I expected to be a dull grey morning in Harwich (and forcing Kay and me to have a coffee indoors), turned out to be super beautiful and warm! And to think this was only the start of my holiday in the UK. :)

I did not take any videos while I was in the UK.. so here is the link of the last one in Belgium, in case you missed it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Working in a coalmine

Carbon is the source for a lot of useful things. One of these things is anything related to diamonds! Also, as a self-proclaimed science geek.. it's also used for nano-tubes, which is an awesome piece of scientific work in itself. What I can tell you is that things are super strong. For more, just go google it. Because sure, I do want to include geekiness in this blog,.. but I know y'all mainly want to see some pics and possibly vids. :-P

Yet another thing carbon is know for.. is coal.. still an important source for energy. And that black stuff is dug up in coal mines. Some of them are still open, a lot of them have been closed. A couple of them have been converted into museums so that the public can actually see for themselves what used to happen decades ago. The museum I visited (with my friend Julie) was in Genk, Belgium.

Yes, that tiny speck down there is me! It's an impressive high (62 metres) structure and it just made me feel so small.. and just to think that the shaft went down more than 1 kilometres!

First of all, the outfit. As you all know, I love my dresses and my super high heels! There are times though when that just isn't that practical. So I went for casual chic and for me.. that usually means some jeans, a cute top and jacket. And lower heels.. which in my case still means 3 inches. Because flats are for when I'm old (not saying that flats are for old people and little girls.. I said when I'm old!

The main square of the mining complex was completely cleaned up and filled with these hip design seats. So after walking a lot in heels,.. obviously I had to sit down. On the right, I took a quick pic of the reflection Julie and me in the window.. how is that for artistic photography? :-P

Of course, it's not just about all the mine workers descending into the depths of the earth and digging up coal. To make all of this possible, you need equipment.. generators, electrical machines and all this cool stuff developed by the brightest electrical and mechanical engineers! As a physicist, I cannot but be in awe of their ingenuity! 

The sign says "Danger of death"... but I know that it does not only depend on the voltage.. it also depends on the current. Still, 6600 volts... never pleasant!

Of course, being there and being vain.. I used these constructions as a place to model. :-P

After a very educational and impressive tour inside, we went outside again for some posing. Whenever I'm dressed up and whenever the the weather is nice outside, I will bug someone to take pics of me, thanks Julie!

And she was also gracious enough to film me.. so there is actually a small video again! :)

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Having a blast with my friends!

I have many many many (Lassard anyone?) wonderful pictures and stories to show and tell about my visit to the UK, but this blog is not just about my holidays overseas.. it's also about my fun times on the mainland, either somewhere outside or at home! :P

Do you know what I'm really thankful of when I think of my Tassia situation? 

Not just the fact that most of my friends know about Tassia...  not just the fact that I've lost exactly zero friends over this. The thing that really brings a lot of joy to my life is the fact that quite a few of my female friends really think it's cool.. and actively participate and join in the fun!

Some friends go shopping with me, some friends lend or give me their clothes, some friends go to bars, restaurants and festivals with me.. and some love to dress up together with me as you can see in the two pics above. Both the animal print dress and the LBD are mine.. but we all wear the same size dresses, so it all works out fine!

In this case, two former colleagues of mine whom I know for roughly 12 years.. and who have become very good friends of mine came over for dinner. And after seeing my walk-in closet, we more or less did a sort of dress-up/make-up/model/photo-shoot session. To say that this was the start of a great evening is quite the understatement of the year. :P

We all tried on several outfits and for most of the evening, I was wearing my bordeaux red dress with matching boots. Not a super complicated outfit.. but still quite elegant in its simplicity, if I say so myself.

Needless to say, a well-stocked walk-in closet.. means more outfits! This is the type of LBD that I would wear to work. Perhaps not with these heels and perhaps with some stockings or hose.. but you get the general idea. Wouldn't want to attract too much attention, eh?

This cute LRD is definitely more suited for a party and these cute colourful shoes have a low heel.. so they're quite comfy! I think I need to wear this dress for the next time I'm going out for cocktails!

Looking at the previous blog post with the ladies in the UK, I now realise that we were wearing glasses.. so this looks like an appropriate way to end this post as well!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Tassia in the UK - meeting the girls in Essex

Almost 10 years ago, when I started dressing properly again after a long hiatus, I never thought I would go out in public openly.. you know.. shopping, restaurants, clubs, stuff like that. And what I definitely didn't think I would do, was meeting up with like-minded ladies! Since then, I have had the pleasure of meeting my on-line friends in a lot of places.. both in the Netherlands and abroad.. countries like Iceland, the US, Belgium. And since this month, I can add friends from the UK to that list! :)

My main reason for visiting the UK was to visit some friends of mine whom I know from when they lived in the Netherlands. Since I was travelling by car on a ferry to Harwich, I thought.. let's see who actually lives in those regions.. i.e. Essex. So I contacted Kay and Helen.. and soon Kay told me that Janet was graciously offering her house as a meet-up place and that she would also prepare a wonderful lunch!

While Janet and her partner were busy preparing the lunch,... Helen (on the left), Kay (on the right) and I were comfortably lounging around while getting to know each other better. When meeting people for the first time, one never knows how the whole atmosphere will be and if there will be a click... but I think I can safely say that we all hit it off and the whole day was spent chatting and having a laugh!

As you can see, we were given the 5-star treatment by Janet.. and I must say.. it was a delicious and plentiful lunch! On the right-side, Kay and Helen were acting silly pointing at a leaflet saying "The tastiest pork". :-P

Of course, having travelled to visit my friends, I also wanted photos together with them.. so we took care of that. It's a good thing that we all love dressing up and that we all love getting our photos taken :)

After having had our wonderful lunch, we all miraculously still fit in our clothes.. and seeing as it was splendid weather outside, we quickly went outside to the beautiful garden for some gratuitous photography. There's no shame in admitting that we all have our little narcissistic tendencies.. and they need to be fulfilled! :P

We had our shades.. we posed.. and with all the cameras present, I have no doubt that some of you might already have seen other photos on Facebook and/or Flickr of this impromptu photo session!

I actually don't think this little blog-post really succeeds in conveying how great this day was and how much fun and laughs we were having while we were chatting, eating, posing, photographing each other. Trust me, it was wonderful!

So ladies, thank you all so much for having me there! :)