Thursday, July 2, 2015

Heaven is a half-pipe


Some of you might know that I go snowboarding almost every year in the Alps, sometimes even twice.. visiting France and/or Austria! What almost nobody except my childhood friends knows, is the fact that when I was young kid, I had a skateboard! :)

Back then I didn't wear red Steven Madden pumps with a 5 inch heels, so I thought it would be fun to do a photo-shoot with a half-pipe to do just that! Not that skate-boarding needs glamour, though. :-P

For those wondering how I got up to that steep ramp, I will confess.. I cheated! I took off the heels, and climbed up rather ungraciously barefoot. The sun had been shining all day, so the half-pipe was really hot.. and I had to climb up real quick before my feet got cooked. :P

The rest of the day, I changed to another pair of shoes, because even though these black t-strap pumps also have a 5 inch heel.. they're way much more comfy for my usual aimlessly wandering around. ;-)

I combined the heels with a cute pink dress. I'm a sucker for cute feminine details... so I really love the lace. What do you think... red heels or black heels? And should I get a red bag?

As you can see, summer and tropical temperatures really have hit the Netherlands! This week, the thermometer is expected to hit 37 degrees and this means that I will be wearing more short dresses and skirts. So, for the time being.. no jeans! :-P 

No video material of me on a skateboard... just me walking around on the half-pipe! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just enjoying the sun!


I will readily and unashamedly admit it... I love short dresses! Perhaps it's because I never got the chance when I was young or perhaps it's just the feeling of freedom compared to jeans/pants.

( btw, did you read about that woman who couldn't walk after having squatted for hours in skinny jeans? )

It might also be because I feel my legs are still presentable while I'm pushing 40. I don't know.. do you think there is an age after which one should stop wearing dresses like these?

Incidentally, as you might remember a few posts ago.. I was wearing a short blue dress which was lent to me by a friend and she only wears it jeans.. as for her, it's too short. This stripy patterned dress was given to me by another friend ( yes.. I'm very lucky with my generous friends! :) ), who basically says that this dress is a top. :-P

I'm sure there are situations, occasions and places where it's inappropriate to wear a dress like this, but when one is casually strolling along the lakeside.. I think it's okay, right? ;-)

Oh, speaking about lakes and water.. I said in the last post that I would try to mix it up with the backgrounds.. as they were all water-related.. but I couldn't help myself! :-P

So, for real.. next time, I will find something else! :-D

Oh, the video I posted on YouTube was made with both my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S6, and my video camera, a Sony HDR-PJ810. Any preferences?