Sunday, November 29, 2015

Squiggly lines


How is everyone doing? November is almost over and with December knocking on the door.. the festivities will start. Some of you already have had Halloween and/or Thanksgiving, but in the Netherlands.. the kick-off will be with the Dutch children's holiday of Sinterklaas. 

Children will put their shoes near the fireplace (similar to Christmas stockings) and hopefully, the next day.. they will find a present in their shoe. The questions for me would be.. I have so many pairs of shoes.. which pair will I choose? And is it possible to ask for shoes in my shoes? :-P

Anyway, the dress I'm wearing in these holiday pics do not contain any straight lines, even though Einstein will have you believe that every movement can be considered a straight line through space-time. And that it's the space-time itself which is curved.

Hmmm.. one moment I'm talking about dresses and suddenly, I'm thinking about the theory of relativity. Must be the physicist in me. :-P

So, about the dress.. I really love these kind of cute dresses with these lace details. And black and white patterns might be a simple colour scheme.. but I think those patterns really work for me.

I paired them with cute peep-toes, the heels not so high this time.. because I had to do a lot of walking. And 5 inch heels stop being elegant after a couple of kilometres/miles. ;-)

I'm looking outside and I'm seeing rain, rain and more rain. I do hope it will stop, so that I can do some photo and video shoots in my fall and winter outfits. I have so many jeans/boots outfits I want to show!

Fortunately, the weather in France was perfect every day, so of course.. I have some clips with me moving and walking around. Enjoy your Sunday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Red trench coat


There are days where the words go straight from my brain through my fingers typing on the keyboard to the computer screen. This evening though is not one of those days.. as I'm really really tired. I had to work a lot this weekend as well.. and of course, the horrible events of last week were still going through my mind.

But I guess the best thing to do is to consider myselves lucky and blessed to be here. And to be doing what I love.. which is (amongst other things) fashion!

Some looks can be considered a classic and I think wearing a trench coat definitely fits in that category. Most trench coats come in black, beige or tan.. but when I was young, I vividly remember seeing a young woman walking in a red trench coat with patterned tights and red pumps. That colourful image was etched into my memory!

I've had these Steve Madden heels for years now and finding patterned tights wasn't particularly hard either, but a good-looking and well-fitting trench coat in the right colour red? That's a real challenge! :-P

To be honest (and I'm always honest :-P), I'd probably dress this outfit down by wearing boots and a skirt or dress that actually peeks out under the trench coat.

For this photo-shoot, I thought I'd have a bit of fun though!

Like I said, I have had these red 5 inch Steve Madden heels for over 4 years and I'm still in love with them. Not suitable for hours of shopping and sight-seeing, but great for indoor parties, dinners and formal events! :)

Do you think they're still stylish and fashionable to wear?

Anyway, are you still holding on to pumps and skirts/dresses? Or have you already switched to jeans and trousers and Uggs? ;-)

I made a video of this outfit and you will notice that I did not just wear patterned tights! :-P