Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Upgrades: geek and chic :-P


In the title of my blog.. it says Fashion, High Heels and Geekiness.

I will readily admit that most of the time, the blog-posts feature the first two topics. The last topic usually gets less attention. Not because I'm not a geek and also not because I don't do geeky things.. because trust me, I am and I do! :-D

Blue high heels and ASUS GeFore GTX 970 video graphics card

Usually, it's just that for my blog, I think most of you are more interested in fashion and shoes than my ramblings on science and other geeky stuff. I mean really, how often do you see an expensive video graphics card (more expensive than most shoes I desire) featured on a fashion blog? :-P

improvised multi media PC with Linux and XMBC

And when I'm not doing stuff related to fashion, science, movies, sports.. I do stuff like this: assembling a PC from old computer parts, installing Linux and testing it. Why you ask? Because this thing will eventually become a small multimedia box for my living room. As soon as I've found a cute box to put everything in. ;-)

Don't worry, the next blog-post will follow regular programming! :-P

There will be new video later this week, but for now.. enjoy the last two!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Maxed out in a green flower maxi dress


Nothing like a couple of days of rain in the Netherlands to make me think back to my sunny holiday. I'm soooo wishing I was back in France sipping on some rosé!

Did I say I like sun? Lots of sun! The sunshine really invites to wearing short dress, skirts, shorts and swimsuits, but sometimes, it so nice to wear a long flowy maxi dress. And I love the movements of the dress as the warm wind blows against it. :)

I'm usually a fan of super figure-hugging clothes ( while I still have the body for it :-P ), but with a maxi dress.. I just love how it's very loose-fitting and roomy. And another advantage.. I didn't need to rub my legs with sunscreen that day.. so yay for being lazy! :-P

I combined this dress with a black hat.. though I think a straw hat would have been better. Unfortunately, I only brought one big suitcase! ;-)

Since this dress covers most of my legs, I thought it would be a good idea to wear these nude strappy heels from Forever 21 to make the legs look a bit longer. It also takes care of the problem of the dress touching the ground. Double win! :)

Okay, you know and I know that I'm quite incorrigible when it comes to clothing and legs.. so the next few outfits will most likely feature shorter dresses, shorts and skirts! 

Of course, I also made a video, though I'm sure other videos before and after this one will be watched with more interest! I know how the Internet works with these kind of things! :-P